Elsewhere (& home too)

We both love to travel, although my international travels didn’t really start until I was in my 40s. When I first met Sue we’d both recently returned from journeys that included visiting to  Chiapas during the winter of ’97-8. We shared experiences and thus it began…

In the summer of ’99 we officially began hanging out together: camping and kayaking around our Gulf Islands, BC home.  In 2000 we visited Sue’s family in the Berkshires and spent a few daze in New York City (my first visit). I worked as a graphic designer and was transitioning to digital media.  My first travel blog, an off-shoot of my design site, started with that trip.

In 2001 we traveled around Cuba for a month, the last time I packed a 35mm SLR while traveling. I later scanned and uploaded the photos on my blog.  Through those pages I connected with a variety of people and some of my photos were licensed.

That little blog grew many pages during our tour of Europe in 2008-09. But then I switched careers and no longer needed my graphic design site. (I now have a visual arts site: kelly-i.com). In the late summer of ’09 I headed off to Vietnam and created my first WordPress blog.

The bulk of this blog’s posts (listed in the Archives over there at the top right of your screen) focus on our travels.

A basic index of international travel posts:

  • 2009-10:  Hanoi, northern Laos, Cambodia, Mekong Delta and back to Hanoi, plus a late summer return to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • 2012: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos
  • 2016: Ecuador
  • 2017: India

Interspersed with some regional travels:

And then there are mumblings about life on Pender Island, books, movies, life-in-general and what-have-you.

Feedback is always welcome (even about those annoying typos that I’ve somehow missed, please).