Hello from Hanoi, Vietnam and the start of another adventure!

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m still adjusting to the time changes: West coast to east coast and then all the way to Hanoi on a 23 hour flight.

Rather than run a blog on my own site this year I’ve decided to go with WordPress so that people can add comments. Feel free!

I’ve had one meal in Hanoi so far: veggie noodle soup, 6 mini crab springrolls and 3 beer all for 80,000 dong (that’s $4). Sat and watched the zany traffic flow; scooters galore, cars and people all zigging and zagging around one another. Thanks to Gord and Maureen’s advice I know to look straight ahead, keep a slow steady pace and let the vehicles avoid me. You can’t really walk on the sidewalks as they’re too full of parked scooters, people sitting outside restaurants and homes, sometimes having a small fire to burn paper garbage.

Later today (when it’s daylight!) I’ll go on a walking tour and take my camera along. I don’t want to be too much the tourist but I guess I can’t avoid it since I’m big, white and love to take photos.

So away we go… and remember to post those comments! Tam biet for now….


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Dave here via Jacquie’s. Found you and now have a link so can keep in touch and hear of your adventures. Have a good one!

  2. Hi Kelly, loving your pics and your descriptions of all around you!!! One of my most favorite monks is vietnamese, his name is Thich Nhat Hanh. He is an amazing writer:) His books have kept me in check(I hope) for many years now! Hope all is well in your world, we are all well, busy with life and then some
    love Kirsti

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