After leaving our island paradise we took a boat to Kep, a sleepy coastal town, for a night. Kep is famous for its crab and its ruined villas. In the evening we walked to crab market, passing a few of the ruins along the way.

ruined resort, Kep, Cambodia
Ruined Resort

Kep was once a popular resort town for both the French colonials and Khmer rich. The Khmer Rouge destroyed many of the villas during their years of control and terror. Today some of the ruined villas are being bought by property investors but many are occupied by squatters. In the photo above you can see laundry hanging in the tree to the left. After a short walk along the waterfront, which is primarily mangrove and black rock and not sand, we returned to the crab market.

crab market, Kep, Cambodia
Waterfront Crab Market

We dined at a recommended restaurant, the Sunset, on a huge feast of delicious crab, smothered in a Kampot pepper sauce. While we sat on the deck overhanging the water the sun went down, providing yet another series of sunset photos (I know… sunsets… how cliche).

sunset from crab market, Kep, Cambodia
Kep Sunset

The next morning we had a last breakfast at the guesthouse with our traveling companion since Kampot,Chris, a San Franciscan exploring SE Asia. We were on our way to Phnom Penh and Chris back to Kampot.

sunflower at the guesthouse, Kep, Cambodia
Sunflower in the Morning

We had just finished breakfast when a staff member ran over saying our bus was out front. We’d bought tickets for a later bus but he insisted it was our bus. A taxi was hired and off we set in pursuit of the bus, eventually catching up to it at the boat docks. After we were on the bus we took a closer look at our tickets and, sure enough, they were clearly marked for the later bus. I think the conductor eventually realized it too as the bus filled to overload. But the trip was only a few hours, some of it over new construction, and after one brief rest stop we were in Phnom Penh by noon.

highway from Kep to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
On the Road Again

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