SE Asia Videos

We shot a fair bit of video. Unfortunately it takes time to edit it all down and make it somewhat presentable. (Besides which we’re seeing where improvements could be made). So, for what they’re worth…

A short version of our 10 hour boat trip from Siam Reap to Battambang, Cambodia. For some reason (dead battery? laziness?) we didn’t shoot much in the narrow, shallow waterway but this ought to convey some of the flavour (especially the boat motor sounds)…

Next: our Bamboo Railway experience just outside Battambang (how many times have I misspelt ‘Battambang’?). The driver changes speed by adjusting the drive-belt tension using a stick. The tracks aren’t perfectly even so there’s a lot of bounce and sway.

While staying in Kampot we rented kayaks for a few hours and went up the river, around a loop through some canals, and back down to our launch spot. It was so blissful… quiet except for the sounds of cicadas, pagoda gongs and the occasional passing boat. Kayaking in the narrow canal was a blast, especially when a water buffalo gave us a wary look. Near the end some fishermen go by, making a rhythmic sound with sticks to scare fish into their nets.

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