Sketchbook 2008-2011

Whoa 3 years to finish a sketchbook!

Yep, in an effort to kickstart my sketching process I’m going to start publishing my sketchbook noodlings.

This last little book I bought in Edinburgh while traveling in Europe 2008 – 2009. Since then it’s also traveled to SEAsia (twice) and been handy while at home.

I’m trying to get back into a daily habit with my sketchbooks. And a weekly habit with my blog.

Here are a 18 scans from my sketchbook (double page spreads you can click on for larger image). Please feel free to comment… feedback is a great thing!

Italian train
Train Car Somewhere in Italy
after visiting an archeology museum in Athens, Greece
Reflections on Greek Archeology
abstraction done on a train
Abstraction on Train Ride
Fido the cat enjoying the sun
Fido in the Sun
Pender Island home
Our Front Yard
Vietnam food label collage
Vietnam: Food Label Collage
Vientiane, Laos restaurant
Vientiane Restaurant


Rabbit Island, Cambodia boat on beach
Rabbit Island, Cambodia
beach scene, Rabbit Island, Cambodia
Beach Scene
BC Ferry and Valu Village
Value Village/Queen of Cumberland
Multi-Coloured Pencil
music and books, Pender Island, BC
Music and Words
Pender Island, BC front yard
Mesh and Grid, Home
view of Salt Spring Island, BC
View of Salt Spring Island
sketch of dog
Lupine at Art Show
stuff on dashboard
Car Dashboard etc.
Okanagan Lake, BC
Okanagan Lake
BC interior
Driving Through the Drylands


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