Yangon and Gone; Bangkok and Beyond

Leaving Nyaungshwe  we drove through some of the most beautiful scenery: pine tree covered high hills, with incredibly deep gorges. On the switchbacks we could see vehicles far below us. Another night bus ride and we arrived in Yangon at 3am.

We spent one more day in Yangon before flying back to Bangkok. I wanted to do some shopping in the old market but it was closed for the full moon. And the new market just didn’t have what I wanted. And the heat drove us back to the guesthouse for an afternoon nap.

We emerged at dusk and set off with Michel from Montreal to the Strand Hotel, a colonial classic. We’d promised ourselves drinks at the Strand as a treat before leaving Myanmar. The evening was beautiful. As the sun set the old colonial buildings glowed in the the twilight.

colonial style building in Yangon, Myanmar
Colonial Building

The Strand Hotel bar was empty when we arrived. Maybe not surprising considering the price of the cocktails but we had promised ourselves…

drinks at the Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
The Cocktails

By the time we left the bar was packed with a tour group.

Unfortunately it seems the powers that be in Myanmar would prefer tour groups. Easy to control. Lots of money going to government run tours…

I’m hoping for the best for Myanmar. I felt very sad to leave. The people we met were generous and loving. If all goes well we’d love to return, visit places we missed and re-visit many of the places and people we did see.

The flight to BKK was quick and we were back at our hotel by noon. We sorted ourselves out, made some decisions and the next day boarded a night train for Ubon Ratchatani, our stepping stone to southern Laos.

train at Bangkok, Thailand
Going to Laos!

A train bunk big enough for me to stretch out in! Nice. And the next morning we were on our way to Laos. And the transport got smaller and smaller…

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