Portland Road Trip Part Four: Sunnyday Portland

Sunday morning. Up and at’em for brunch.

Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon
Breakfast at the Doug Fir

That’s right! We walked back to the Doug Fir for our morning food fix. Check out the construction of the bar and overhead rack. I loved the design of the Doug Fir. And our brunch was really good too. We were having such a good time we asked the waiter how long we could stay there (hours and hours) but decided that we only had a limited time in Portland and there was so much more to see.

Sundays always seem like a good day to go to the park. Sue had homework to do and the day was sunny.

Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Sue Doing Homework

We walked the spiral of the Vietnam War Memorial and then Sue parked herself by a big tree and I went for a walk through the Hoyt Arboretum, with its collection of 1600 tree specimens from around the world. I didn’t cover the whole thing (it’s 187 acres with 12 miles of trails) but I enjoyed seeing the eclectic mix of conifers, something you’d never see in the wild. And the Dogwood shrubs with their wild looking berries…

Hoyt Arboretum, Portland, Oregon
Dogwood Berries

From one ridge top Mount St. Helens was clearly visible.

Mt. St. Helens as seen from Portland
Mt. St. Helens

I had never realized just how close to Portland Mount St. Helens is. It must have been quite scary when it erupted.

When  Sue’d finished her homework we left the park and found our way across the river to the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company. I had noted in the list of the Top 20 Beers in the World that two came from Hair of the Dog. The tasting room was busy but we found a table near the big, open doors, perfect for enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. It quickly became apparent why Hair of the Dog brews rank so high. Their Fred from the Wood, aged in former bourbon casks was simply the most stunning beer either of us had ever tasted. We just couldn’t stop sampling; each beer was such a delight. There are only a few of their beers that you can buy to take out so we tried a selection of  ones only available in the tasting room and then bought a 6-pack mix of Fred and Adam beers.

Hair of the Dog tasting room, Portland, Oregon
Tasty Room

From Hair of the Dog we made a short jaunt to House Spirits, a small batch distillery I’d read about in a Time magazine article on places to visit in Portland. We’d had so many beers we weren’t up for another tasting but we purchased a bottle of their famous Aviation Gin, unavailable at home.

Next we made the short jaunt to Hawthorne Street where a number of vintage clothing stores are located along with the Bagdad Theatre and Pub. We walked both sides of the street for a few blocks, mainly visiting the vintage stores. I almost bought a ‘Captain Jack’ pirate-style coat from The Red Light Clothing Exchange but restrained myself as I pondered how often I might wear it. Eventually we stopped at the Bagdad, thinking that we might go in to see the 6pm movie, Pacific Rim, and have pizza and beer while watching it. However, it was such a nice evening we decided to take a sidewalk table and watch the street life.

The Bagdad Theatre, Portland, Oregon
The Bagdad

The street life consisted mainly of watching the folks below canvassing for a charity. They seemed to be taking all the rejections in stride, however. Personally I don’t respond well to street solicitation. A few folks did stop and talk with them which must make all the charming come-ons worthwhile.

Children International Canvassers, Portland, Oregon
Street Canvassers

Sue ordered  a soda and lime but I just had to try another sampler tray. Unfortunately after Hair of the Dog it was a tough go. Maybe I was just beered out. The pizza went down well though and we enjoyed the fine fall evening.

Bagdad Theatre Brews, Portland, Oregaon
Sue Having a Laugh (me having a beer)

The sun set and we walked back to the car, passing a few more vinyl emporiums and cool neon signs.

Jackpot Records, Portland, Oregon
Jackpot Records
Crossroads Music, Portland, Oregon
Crossroads Music

We drove back over the Burnside bridge as I wanted to snap a photo of the iconic ‘Portland, Oregon’ sign. We parked the car and walked back to the bridge. We looked up and… the sign was dark!

Portland, Oregon sign
Dark! Dark! Dark!

I really wanted a photo of the fabulous sign glowing in the dark with its leaping stag. Disappointed we returned to the car. I half-heartedly photographed a few other neon signs along the way. Including the Voodoo Donuts sign, illuminating the ever present line-up of donut lovers on the street.

Voodoo Donuts at night
Night Line

We drove back across the bridge. And there! the sign was flashing! I stopped on the far side of the bridge, put my telephoto lens on and walked back to where I could get a shot.

Portland Oregon Leaping Stag sign
Flash Flash Flash

Mission accomplished we returned to our room and discussed what we might do the next day. Little did we know what adventures might befall us!

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