Fall/Winter and Time to Travel On

Summer rapidly changed to Fall: warm and dry to cold and wet. That’s life on the We(s)t Coast and personally I like the variety. I continued walking to work; although walking home was often nixed due to the earlier darkness on the roads and trails.


Speaking of darkness: one of my fun excursions was a late night ramble around Fort Rodd Hill, the national park where Sue works in the summer. The moon was full, the night not too cold. The spotlit buildings leant a surreal edge to the scene.


We continued to stomp up Mount Norman as often as possible.


I took more photos with my iPhone than my camera as it was always with me while walking to work. The greens of Summer turned to the more subdued greens of Fall and the fungi sprouted.


As Fall became Winter we experienced a few snow flurries, windstorms and the usual power outages and slippery driving/walking conditions.


Home became a bit of a Winter Wonderland. Meanwhile on days off I made extra storage space in our attic and continued on bathroom improvements. Slowly but surely our little home is evolving.


The Pender palms do look a bit forlorn in the snow.


Winter Solstice has come and gone as have the Holly Daze.


And we began planning our Winter Travels. Sue lets me do the research and claims that it takes me three or four attempts to nail down a destination. This year I looked at Columbia/Bolivia, Spain/Portugal and India. After some back and forth (she may be right about my method) I decided on India (the food was a major factor). Right after my final decision was made the pieces began falling into place and I knew I’d made the right choice.

It’s a Friday evening and hovering around the freezing point outside. Our bags are almost packed and on Sunday morning we’ll be going to town to see family before catching a flight to Mumbai early Monday morning.

Stay tuned for a dramatic change in temperature! South India here we come!

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