kelly i appears to be having a mid-life crisis. But, looking back, all my life I’ve leapfrogged from place to place. These days I’ve a permanent home on an Island, floating in the NorthWest Pacific Coast. I live with my wonderful partner Sue. When home we tend the garden, the house, our work, careers and pursue dreams. Travel features big in our dreams. This blog tends to be more active when we’re travelling, but even while home stuff worth sharing happens.

Follow along and see what transpires ….

kelly i

If you’re interested in my artworks please check out:  kelly-i.com.


  1. Hey Kelly!
    Have been enjoying yer blog. Vietnam sounds amazing. Today’s news is typhoons, though, so thought of you. Great stories and pictures, of course!
    Good luck with your TEFL career move, seems like you’ve got it goin’ on!
    Keep it comin’,

    1. Wow, I knew the storm was coming but didn’t realize how bad it’d be. The landlady at my hotel was showing me photos on a Viet news site this morning and I just saw the BBC’s footage. Nasty. Fellow next door had a friend leaving for Saigon last night. Hope he never got on that train. Meanwhile here in Hanoi there’s been a bit of a sprinkle and there’s thunderstorms in the forecast but the weather’s decent. Glad I’m not touring around, unaware of what might be happening. I’ll be posting on my school experiences soon. Schools are great, it’s the drive that’s scary!

  2. Reading about your travels in Europe and the far east, and your sketches is a great substitute for being there for us stayathomers! And being at home (Vancouver now) let me spend a year writing my own blog. It is about warming in the Arctic at: carbonlessair.wordpress.com
    I hope you and Sue are doing well. Dan Henshaw

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